President's Report





July 3, 2021.

Dear brethren,


Dear beloved in Christ, greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We give God the glory for enabling us to go through the first half of the year with minimal challenges. Our survival is the act of God’s goodness, so we appreciate Him. As we go through this month, we pray God to enable us do the needful as time does not wait for anyone. We pray for his grace to abundantly be supplied to everyone of us. Economic hardship is intensifying in Nigeria. Remember last year, people could not enter their farm because of the wide spread of insurgency and kidnapping in Nigeria. This has resulted in high price of common food stuff. The case may be worse this year as conflicts among farmers and headers increase, and more so, kidnapping has become the fastest growing business in Nigeria. Insecurity is everywhere. We thank God for continuing keeping us safe.


Our Foreign Students

One of our foreign students (Tatenda) who came from Zimbabwe for studies, has returned home having completed his studies. We pray he will be useful to his country and the church there particularly. Below is Tatenda (left) standing with me (right) shortly before his departure to his country. He is the last of the three who completed their program to return home.

MA Programs

All things are ready for the program to commence. We are waiting to receive at least 5 applications from qualified candidates for the program to start in August. We know the staff will be laden with more load, but it is necessary we do what we can do now to reposition the Church in Nigeria and Africa at large for greater work.

Extension Program

We give God the praise for safely bringing back our staff who traveled for extension program. Thank you for your prayers. It is good for them to meet their families again after being away for 4 weeks. Traveling along Nigerian roads can be a nightmare sometimes. We give glory to God for standing with us all through the program this time. Below are pictures of cross section of the students in Asaba and Lafia (Nasarawa) centers respectively.

Asaba Center

As you can see from the picture, most of them are adult in age. Some are preachers in their local congregations, some are Bible teachers, and some are prepared by their congregations to take care of new congregations coming up in their respective areas. They do not have the opportunity of leaving their businesses and jobs to come to Jos for 4 months each semester. That is why we carry the program to meet them in their local settings. This is to ensure the Lord’s Church remain Biblical true and continue to grow as we have the opportunity now to reach out to the lost souls.

Lafia (Nasarawa) Center

Our Library

We continue to work hard to update our library with current books. As I mentioned last month regarding the library tables that meet the required standard, we are trying to make the tables gradually. Below is a sample of the new table we are making. This one has one side partitioning, there are some that have two sides partitioning. We make them depending on the space they fit in.

Our Agric Program

We are glad to mention that one set of our laying birds have started laying. The other set is coming up well as well.  


Our Internship Program

Some of our students who took part in the 6 weeks internship program have completed their program with those congregations and have returned to their home congregations to help before resuming in August. Some are still on the program as the host congregations are enjoying their services and want them to extend their stay. A total of 15 students took part in the program across the country. Two went out of the Nigeria to Guinea and Cameroon respectively.