Special Projects

This page will include photos and information about special projects that we are involved in.  These projects will usually be capital projects that enable us to train more evangelists.  Take a look and see if you would be interested in helping to bring these projects to completion.  Thanks!

Dorm Kitchen

Our recently completed men's dormitory was a great addition to the SBS, Nigeria campus.  This allowed us to house both male and female students on campus and also provided room for up to 250 male students.  Since the students all cook their own meals, we had to add a new kitchen for the male students.  Here are some photos of the new addition.

Dorm Kitchen 1.jpg
Dorm Kitchen 2.jpg
Dorm Kitchen 3.jpg
Dorm Kitchen4.jpg
Dorm Kitchen.jpg

Multi-Purpose Building

The multi-purpose building has been one of the most sought after additions to the SBS campus in many years.  As our enrollment numbers have grown, there has been an increased need for a building of this type.

Multi-Purpose 1_edited.jpg
MP Building3.jpg
MP Building2.jpg