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Special Projects

This page will include photos and information about special projects that we are involved in.  These projects will usually be capital projects that enable us to train more evangelists.  Take a look and see if you would be interested in helping to bring these projects to completion.  Thanks!

SBS Medical Clinic

Dear Brethren,

            Greetings from the Worley family in Savannah, Tennessee.  We pray this finds you well and growing in both faith and love. Truly our Lord and God has blessed us above all people on earth, plus he has granted us entrance into His kingdom as members of His Son’s church. 

Block Machine.jpg

We are praying that 2022 will be an enjoyable and productive year for our work in Africa, especially for our School of Biblical Studies, Jos, Nigeria.  Lord willing, Steve plans to travel to Africa in mid-February and work until early June.  He hopes to start construction of our medical clinic building soon after his arrival in Jos.  Using the support, a few congregations and individuals sent us last year, we have already purchased and mounted our block-making machine, purchased 600 bags of cement, and started molding the 15,000 eleven-inch cement blocks needed for the construction of the clinic building.  We now have 13,920 blocks manufactured and ready for use near our construction site on campus.  We need fifty thousand dollars to start building our clinic.  Will you help us?

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as you are in ours.  Give our greetings to the brethren.  Please send your check to the Church of Christ, 1175 Pickwick Street, Savannah, TN 38372.  Attn:  Steve Worley /Medical Clinic.


In Christian Love,


Steven L. Worley


Medcal Clinic Update April 2022

Dear Brethren,

            Greetings from your brethren at the School of Biblical Studies, Jos.  We pray this finds you well and growing in both faith and love.  We are excited, not only by the rapid progress of the construction of our future medical clinic, but also the up-coming annual lectureship and the graduation ceremonies for our last three years of graduates.  May promises to be an exciting time on campus. 

            Here is a short up-date of the progress of our construction you helped us accomplish.

The first picture is a site layout of our building.  At the top of the picture is the Bauchi Ring Road By-pass.  The second picture is the construction of the foundation.  The last two pictures are the architect’s drawing of the building both front and rear.

Building on site.jpg
Front of clinic.jpg
The Foundation.jpg
Rear of clinic.jpg

We hope to finish the foundation this week and start laying the blocks for the walls.  We have the blocks manufactured and we hope to take the construction to the lintel level.  Our next expense is the roof of the building. 

            Thank you for your continued prayers and support for this project that will provide health and eye care for our students.  The confidence you place in us is a constant source of encouragement.  Please give our greetings to the brethren.  In Christian Love, Steve Worley

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