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Steve Worley began working in Nigeria in 1989.  Steve and his wife Dee have labored there for many years alongside Dr. Aguh and his wife Rachel.  Bro. Worley and Dr. Aguh were instrumental in the establishment of the School of Biblical Studies.  Together with their fellow workers they have been able to see a tremendous growth in the Nigerian church.  Bro. Worley has also been able to begin works in Uganda, Chad, and the Niger Republic.  He continues to travel and work in these African nations every year.  His work is overseen by the Savannah church of Christ in Savannah, TN.


Home Phone, U.S.:    731-926-3569

Cell, U.S.:    731-607-6603

Cell, Nigeria:   011-234-0803-604-6161


Adam Cox joined the work in 2012.  His work also involves SBS Jos, but has been focused on the correspondence course offices since 2014.  Adam’s work is overseen by the Walnut Grove Church of Christ in Savannah, TN.



Adam Cox

PO Box 23

Savannah, TN 38372


Phone: (731) 925-2810



Randy Baker joined the work in 2013.  He spends many days on the road throughout the course of the year visiting workshops and lectureships inside the United States.  He also speaks at different churches in order to raise awareness about the works in Africa.  His work is overseen by the Bethel congregation in Athens, AL.



Phone: (256)247-9784


Chuck Cordon joined the work in 2019.  Chuck is retired from the US Navy and plans to spend at least one semester per year teaching at SBS and doing evangelistic work in the surrounding areas.  Please view his video for more information.

Cell, U.S.:   (757) 639-0277

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